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Dipl.-Inf. Kristof Unterweger

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TU München
Institut für Informatik
Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching b. München
MI 02.05.053
(089) 289 18 634
(089) 289 18 607
Office Hours:
by arrangement


Volume 2015

  • K. Unterweger, R. Wittmann, P. Neumann, T. Weinzierl and H.-J. Bungartz: Integration of FULLSWOF2D and PeanoClaw: Adaptivity and Local Time-stepping for Complex Overland Flows [BibTeX].
    In M. Mehl, M. Bischoff and M. Schäfer (ed.), Recent Trends in Computational Engineering - CE2014, Volume 105 of Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering, p. 181–195. Springer, March 2015.

Volume 2014

Volume 2013

  • A. Atanasov, H.-J. Bungartz, K. Unterweger, T. Weinzierl and R. Wittmann: A Case Study on Multi-Component Multi-Cluster Interaction with an AMR Solver [pdf] [BibTeX].
    In WOLFHPC 2013: Third International Workshop on Domain-Specific Languages and High-Level Frameworks for High Performance Computing held in conjunction with SC 2013, November 2013. online publication.
  • K. Unterweger, T. Weinzierl, D. Ketcheson and A. Ahmadia: PeanoClaw - A Functionally-Decomposed Approach to Adaptive Mesh Refinement with Local Time Stepping for Hyperbolic Conservation Law Solvers [] [BibTeX], June 2013.

Volume 2012

  • M. Lieb, M. Mehl, T. Neckel and K. Unterweger: HPC Fluid Flow Simulations in Porous Media Geometries [pdf] [BibTeX].
    In Seventh International Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics, July 2012.
  • S. Nogina, K. Unterweger and T. Weinzierl: Autotuning of Adaptive Mesh Refinement PDE Solvers on Shared Memory Architectures [BibTeX].
    In R. Wyrzykowski, J. Dongarra, K. Karczewski and J. Wasniewski (ed.), PPAM 2011, Volume 7203 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, p. 671–680. Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, Berlin, 2012.



Volume 2012

  • K. Unterweger: Spacetree-Based Adaptive Mesh Refinementfor Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations [BibTeX].
    Numerical Software: Design, Analysis and Verification, July 2012. coauthor: Weinzierl, Tobias.
  • M. Schreiber, K. Unterweger and A. Atanasov: Let's play - building a game physics engine [BibTeX].
    WEP 2012, KAUST, Saudi Arabia, January 2012. coauthors: Hans-Joachim Bungartz, Tobias Weinzierl.

Volume 2011

  • K. Unterweger: Autotuning of Adaptive Mesh Refinement PDE Solvers on Shared Memory Architectures [BibTeX].
    9th International Conference on Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics, Czestochowa University of Technology, September 2011. coauthors: Svetlana Nogina, Tobias Weinzierl.
  • K. Unterweger: Massive Parallelization of an Incompressible Fluid Solver in the PDE Framework Peano [BibTeX].
    4th GACM Colloquium on Computational Mechanics, Technische Universität Dresden, August 2011. coauthors: Miriam Mehl, Tobias Neckel, Tobias Weinzierl.