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The compact course on C/C++ takes place at the MPE from June 27, 2011, to July 8, 2011. It is tailored to Ph.D. students from the IMPRS. Lectures start at 9:30 s.t. and last for approximately 3 hours a 45 minutes, i.e. the course will finish around 12:15.

Lecture Notes

  • Monday, June 27: Introduction, Variables, and Identifiers
  • Tuesday, June 28: Control Structures
  • Wednesday, June 29: Functions
  • Thursday, June 30: Applicative Programming (and basic programming engineering)
  • Friday, July 1: Pointers, Structs, and Arrays
  • Monday, July 4: Pointers, Structs, and Arrays - Continued
  • Tuesday, July 5: Object-based Programming
    • Different room: Room 209 (Alter Seminarraum)
    • Slides
  • Wednesday, July 6: From Object-based Programming to Object-oriented Programming
  • Thursday, July 7: Object-oriented Programming - Continued
  • Friday, July 8: Generic Programming and Wrap-up

Requirements & Preparation

Please bring your laptop (if you have one) to the course, since there will be a couple of hands-on sessions throughout the course. For those who haven't a laptop, we'll build teams of two or three persons (which is of great value anyway). Also, having any C/C++ reference book with you might be of value although it is not necessary.

Software & Systems

You need two pieces of software on your computer:

  • A C/C++ compiler, and
  • any plain text editor.

You should be familiar with your text editor and with the command line. If you use Linux/Unix, these systems come along with all the things you need, i.e. a compiler is installed (just doublecheck typing in g++ or gcc on the command line), and there's several text editors (vi, kedit, ...) available.

If you are using Windows, I strongly recommend to install MinWG before. Also, you should have Notepad or a similar editor at hand.

External Links

These links are for further information on particular topics. They are not part of the core course.