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Dr. Anne Reinarz

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TU München
Institut für Informatik
Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching b. München
Leibniz Supercomputing Centre
Boltzmannstr. 1
(089) 35831-7814



Winter 2018

Master-Seminar: Fundamentals of Wave Simulation - Solving Hyperbolic Systems of PDEs TUMOnline, Moodle


Publications in Journals

Volume 2018

  • A. Chernov and A. Reinarz: Sparse Grid Approximation Spaces for Space-Time Boundary Integral Formulations of the Heat Equation [BibTeX], April 2018. submitted.
  • A. Sandhu, A. Reinarz and T. Dodwell: A Bayesian Framework for Assessing the Strength Distribution of Composite Structures with Random Defects [] [BibTeX], April 2018. submitted.
  • A. Reinarz, T. Dodwell, T. Fletcher, L. Seelinger, R. Butler and R. Scheichl: dune-composites - A New Framework for High-Performance Finite Element Modelling of Laminates [] [BibTeX].
    In Composite Structures, Volume 184, p. 269–278. Elsevier, 2018.

Volume 2013

  • A. Chernov and A. Reinarz: Numerical quadrature for high-dimensional singular integrals over parallelotopes [BibTeX].
    In Computers and Mathematics with Applications, No. 66, p. 1213–1231. Elsevier, 2013.

Conference Publications

Volume 2017

  • A. Reinarz, T. Fletcher, T. Dodwell, R. Butler and R. Scheichl: Multiscale Modelling of Lamination Defects in Curved Structures [BibTeX].
    In 21st International Conference on Composite Materials, September 2017.
  • T. Dodwell, A. Reinarz and A. Sandhu: Uncertainty Quantification of Composite Structures with Wrinkle Defects using Stochastic Simulation [BibTeX].
    In 21st International Conference on Composite Materials, September 2017.

Volume 2016

  • T. Fletcher, A. Reinarz, T. Dodwell, R. Butler, R. Scheichl and R. Newley: Efficient Modelling and Accurate Certification of Curved Aerospace Laminates [BibTeX].
    In 17th European Conference on Composite Materials, 2016.

Other Publications

  • A. Reinarz: Space-time Boundary Element Methods for the Heat Equation [pdf] [BibTeX].
    Dissertation, University of Reading, September 2015.
  • A. Reinarz: Numerical quadrature for high dimensional singular integrals [BibTeX].
    Diplomarbeit, Universität Bonn, Dezember 2010.

Recent Talks