High Performance Computing - Programming Paradigms and Scalability - Summer 17

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Sommer 2017
Ralf-Peter Mundani
Time and Place
lecture: Tue, 12-14 in room MI 00.13.009A
tutorial: Wed, 10-12, in room MI 02.07.023 (roughly every other week)
Bachelor, Master und Diplom in Informatics
Bachelor in Wirtschaftsinformatik
Master in Angewandter Informatik
Maschinenwesen (FM-NM)
Philipp Samfass, M.Sc.
3rd of August from 08:00 am - 09:30 am in MI HS1
Semesterwochenstunden / ECTS Credits
3 SWS (2V + 1Ü) / 4 credits


  • The number of edges for the torus in part 2 on page 22 of the lecture slides should be k*N. An updated version of the slides will be uploaded.
  • The limit on the speedup for the improved wavefront algorithm in part 6 on page 29 is correct as there are k phases and hence k*(k*p+p-1) sequential steps.
  • Lectures and tutorials will be in English.
  • The first lecture will be on Tuesday, 25.04.2017 in room MI 00.13.009A.
  • The first tutorial will be on Wednesday, 03.05.2017 in room MI 02.07.023.
  • The second tutorial will take place on Wednesday, 17.05.2017.
  • The third tutorial will take place on Wednesday, 31.05.2017.
  • The fourth tutorial will take place on Wednesday, 14.06.2017.
  • The fifth tutorial will take place on Wednesday, 28.06.2017.
  • The sixth tutorial will take place on Wednesday, 12.07.2017.
  • A Q&A tutorial will take place on Wednesday, 26.07.2017. Please send your questions in advance to Samfassmail.png.

Lecture slides

Nummer Datum Thema Material
1 25.04.2017 Introduction Part 01
2 09.05.2017 High-Performance Networks Part 02
3 23.05.2017 Foundations Part 03
4 13.06.2017 Shared-Memory Programming Part 04
5 27.06.2017 Distributed-Memory Programming Part 05
6 11.07.2017 Examples of Parallel Algorithms Part 06


Nummer Datum Thema Material Code
1 03.05.2017 Performance Measurement Sheet 1 -
2 17.05.2017 Netzwerke Sheet 2 -
3 31.05.2017 Abhängigkeistsanalyse, Synchronisation Sheet 3 -
4 14.06.2017 Parallele Strukturen, Lastbalancierung Sheet 4 -
5 28.06.2017 OpenMP Sheet 5 OpenMP
6 12.07.2017 MPI Sheet 6 MPI
7 - Repetition(*) Sheet 7 -

(*) The repetition sheet will not be discussed in the tutorials. You are encouraged to solve the repetition sheet on your own as preparation for the exam.


The regular exam will take place on the 3rd of August from 08:00 am - 09:30 am in MI HS1 (see also TUMOnline).

The retake exam will take place on the 11th of October at 3:30 pm.


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