Implementation of a multispeed Lattice Boltzmann solver

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Diploma / Master thesis: Implementation of a multispeed Lattice Boltzmann solver

Status: Free


Numerical simulation gets more and more important when developing or optimising applications in various fields. The simulation of flow plays a central role in this process, e.g. in the design of turbine plates or thermal flow problems. In the case of the latter, the simultaneous computation of the flow equations and an additional heat transport equation has to be accomplished. The scope of this thesis is to establish a basis for Lattice Boltzmann simulations with respect to the usage of multispeed models. These models allow fluid molecules to travel even more than one cell per timestep and thus are used to recover thermal effects.

Summary of project steps

  • Getting familiar with the problem and Lattice Boltzmann methods
  • Implementation of access- and distribution routines for arbitrary multispeed models and respective specialisations
  • Incorporation of collision model and boundary conditions
  • Validation of the model/ implementation by benchmark-computations


Good programming skills in C++, interest in flow simulations.

If you already have some knowledge on Lattice Boltzmann methods or flow simulations, that's perfect! If not, it's definitely fine, too! :-)




Philipp Neumann

Single vs multispeed.png

Left: Lattice velocities of the standard D2Q9 model

Right: Exemplary multispeed model for 2D simulations