Lehrstuhlausflug 2011

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Excursion of the SCCS chair + students on Monday, July 4 2011

As every summer, the chair enjoys a short excursion and invites friends, everybody who joined any lectures (or both) to join.

It is organised as a triathlon (developed in 2006 ;-) )(see pictures - only this time, it's going to be the Echinger See for swimming; in 2007 and 2008, it was rainy; but this will surely not happen this year. Otherwise, just read the note at the bottom of this page):

1st Discipline: Swimming

  • 15:00 Meet in front of the main entrance of the MI-Building (near HS 1)
  • Go to Echinger See by bike (6km, KML for Google Earth)
  • Swimming (Participants from "Modellbildung und Simulation" can try to re-enact the battle of the Bismarck sea at the mini-island)
  • Going back to the campus


2nd Discipline: Biking

  • 17:00 Meet again in front of the main entrance of the MI-Building (near HS 1)
  • Bike along the Isar to the Aumeister (12km, KML for Google Earth)


3rd Discipline: Drinking beer Aumeister

  • From approx. 18:00 (zeroth order approximation assuming the bikers not being on stimulants)


In case of bad weather

If it is rainy or snowing (depending on the gradient and curvature of German summer temperatures), a suitable alternative is going to be published here - thus, people who want to join the excursion should have a look at this page once again on July 4.