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Boris Vladimirovich Gnedenko

Boris Vladimirovich Gnedenko (* January 1st 1912 in Simbirsk, † December 27th 1995 in Moscow) He is perhaps best known for his work with Kolmogorov, and his contributions to the study of probability theory.

Gnedenko.jpgBoris Vladimirovich Gnedenko


During the summer of 1937 Gnedenko went on a hiking expedition to the Caucasus along with some fellow researchers. Although Kolmogorov did not spend as long as the others on the trip, he did take part for a while. It was a period when the researchers were able to talk about their mathematical ideas and profit greatly. However, they talked about many subjects and in the discussions on politics Gnedenko showed that he had little liking for the Soviet policies. This was to have the most severe consequences for him.

After taking up his post as a research assistant in November 1937, Gnedenko was conscripted into the Red Army on 1 December. He was sent to Bryansk but on 5 December he was arrested. He had been denounced by one of the members of the Mathematics Department who had been with him on the summer trip. Gnedenko was imprisoned with 120 other prisoners in a cell built for six people and was constantly interrogated about statements he had made on the summer trip.



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