SC²S Colloquium - August 16, 2012

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Date: August 16, 2012
Room: 02.07.023
Time: 4 pm, s.t.

Manuel Schlick: Design and implementation of efficient free text search algorithms in the DS-2 framework

As the environment in DS-2 requires a high degree of understanding of the data structure, to be able to efficiently search for component parts, an additional search algorithm is developed, which enables the user to distribute his request in a fast and simple way, but nevertheless quickly returns an adequate result. Though the effort for the entry of the search pattern as well as the necessary ken of the data classification on the part of the user should be reduced, but at the same time an expedient outcome rapidly displayed. Since the algorithm by itself only indirectly accesses the database system via predefined functions, it is essential to detect bottle necks and reduce or rather eliminate them through substituting functions or restructuring the code. The complexity consists in transferring the one-dimensional input into the inevitable logical tree structure and afterwards do expedient reductions in the dimensions of the requests as well as in their logical structuring to maximize the efficiency of the search.