SC²S Colloquium - December 05, 2013

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Date: December 5, 2013
Room: 02.07.023
Time: 3 pm, s.t.

Invasive Computing Seminar: Andreas Müller, Computational and Numerical Challenges in Weather Prediction

Significant progress in numerous areas of scientific computing comes from the steadily increasing capacity of computers and the advances in numerical methods. An example is the simulation of the Earth’s atmosphere, which has proven to be extremely challenging owing to its multiscale and multi-process nature. Even with today’s computers it is impossible to explicitly represent all scales and all processes involved.

This talk aims at presenting an overview of computational and numerical challenges in weather prediction. After giving a basic introduction into numerical weather prediction the following open questions will be discussed: 1. How can we approximate non-resolved scales (by using so called parameterizations) in a way that is resolution-aware and preserves the order of accuracy of the numerical method? 2. How can we estimate the error without having convergence? 3. Which numerical methods should we use? 4. How can we optimize our code without sacrificing readability? 5. How can we reduce communication between the computing nodes? 6. How can we develop refinement criteria for using adaptive mesh refinement in global weather simulations? and 7. How can we adapt the computational resources to occurring extreme weather events?