SC²S Colloquium - February 18, 2015

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Date: February 18, 2015
Room: 02.07.023
Time: 3:00 pm, s.t.
Invited by: Dr. rer. nat. Philipp Neumann

Hanno Flohr: Coupling the Molecular Dynamics Simulation Mardyn with the Lattice Boltzmann Simulation Walberla Using the Macro-Micro-Coupling Tool

The aim of this thesis was to implement the means to utilize the molecular dynamics simulation ls1 mardyn for coupled continuum/molecular dynamics simulations. The created implementation with the Macro-Micro-Coupling tool MaMiCo will be presented in this talk, including the different coupling interfaces and adaptations of ls1 mardyn for coupled simulation. To validate the implementation and evaluate its performance, a standardized three-dimensional channel flow scenario is used for a coupled simulation of ls1 mardyn and the Lattice Boltzmann simulation code waLBerla - the results will be presented in this talk.