SC²S Colloquium - Jan 31, 2018

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Date: Jan 31, 2018
Room: 00.08.053
Time: 15:00 - 16:00

Michael Grad: Challenges in Developing Software for autonomous Driving

This is a Bachelor's thesis submission talk advised by Tobias Neckel.

The presentation gives an overview of various challenges in developing software for autonomous driving. As the corresponding thesis understands itself as a wide collection of current challenges and possible solutions in the field, reaching from architectural, technical, software engineering to legal and ethical aspects, it acts as a starting point into the topic of autonomous driving. The talk will cover a selection of the most important topics of these aspects.

Keywords: Autonomous Driving, Software Development

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Michael Zwirglmaier: Performance Analysis and Optimization of an Depth-from-Focus based 3D camera system for hardware accelerators

This is a Master's thesis submission talk advised by Alexander Pöppl.

This talk will present the results of optimizing a 3D camera system by porting the main image processing towards GPU and FPGA. The used algorithms and techniques will be presented. The main goal within this thesis was to get a an image processing that can be done in realtime for a given hardware setup. Therefore, optimizations in memory management and algorithms had to be done.

Keywords: Image Processing, GPU, FPGA, CUDA

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