SC²S Colloquium - July 06, 2016

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Date: July 06, 2016
Room: 02.07.023
Time: 3:00 pm, s.t.

Srdjan Krivokapic: Implementation of an HDF5 interface in the thermohydraulic code ATHLET

For the simulation of thermal hydraulic systems such as cooling circuits in power plants, GRS has been developing a program ATHLET. The program is mainly used for the safety analysis of incidents at nuclear power plants. To output the results, ATHLET uses its own data format, which can not be read easily by the standard post-processing programs (e.g. Matlab, Excel, Python, ...) The goal of this work is to expand ATHLET to be able to output the results in HDF5 data format. The data structures for the output are to be optimized based on the writing time, memory requirement, etc. Python scripts to plot the results are to be developed and made available as a post-processing tool for the users.