SC²S Colloquium - July 30, 2014

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Date: July 30, 2014
Room: 02.07.023
Time: 3 pm, s.t.

Agnes Köhler: The two-gene Toggle Switch

The two-gene Toggle Switch is a genetic circuit made of two mutually inhibiting proteins. This system is well known to present two stable equilibrium points in which one of the two proteins is present and fully represses the other, and one unstable equilibrium point in which both proteins repress each other with identical strength. The switch can be toggled by the addition of diffusible chemicals that weakens the repression capabilities of the proteins. This problem is the genetic analogue of a well-known benchmark control problem: the inverted pendulum. The presentation will introduce the system and a way to model it stochastically. Furthermore it will give ideas about how to control this system at its unstable equilibrium point which is the analogue of keeping the inverted pendulum in a vertical position.