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SC²S Colloquium - March 12, 2018

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Date: March 12, 2018
Room: MI HS2
Time: 5:00-6:00 pm, s.t.

BGCE Honours project 2017/18: run.precice - Running coupled simulations with preCICE in the browser

PreCICE is a library that makes it possible to use existing, uncoupled simulation code for coupled multi-physics simulations -- e.g. fluid structure interaction. Currently, there exist a substantial number of preCICE adapters which support popular CFD and CSM solvers such as Calculix, SU2, Comsol and OpenFoam. PreCICE applications often show accurate results, however, especially in the industry, the entry barrier is still high. Setting up and tweaking simulations can be a challenging task especially considering the variety in modern computing landscapes. During the development of preCICE, the main focus was on computational efficiency and scalability while accessibility to a broad user base in industry was a secondary concern.

run.precice is targeting this challenge: We provide the user with a ready-to-go simulation environment in the browser that makes running test cases a breeze. Furthermore, general concepts and the architecture of the preCICE are explained. After the first simulation with minimal configuration, we guide the user through the strengths and capabilities of preCICE. PreCICE configurations and their effects are always explained through concrete sample cases.

In our presentation we will provide insights into our agile, user driven development process. We will talk about our approach to testing our application with various target groups and collecting and implementing both qualitative and quantitative feedback. Furthermore, on a more technical note, we will present the realization of our simulation test cases, the backend infrastructure and the frontend app with modern web technologies such as websockets, nodeJS and ReactJS.

Finally, we will reflect on our 10 months journey as a team. Which experiences did we make collaborating as people from diverse backgrounds? What did we learn about ourselves? What advice can we give to the new generation of BGCE students who will start their journey in less than a month?