SC²S Colloquium - March 26, 2014

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Date: March 26, 2014
Room: 02.07.023
Time: 3 pm, s.t.

Piet Jarmatz: Coupling the Lattice Boltzmann Software Walberla and Molecular Dynamics Simulations Using the Macro-Micro-Coupling Tool

Multiscale simulations in computational fluid dynamics often require a huge amount of computational power. In this talk a spatially adaptive, massively parallel coupled Lattice Boltzmann / molecular dynamics simulation using the highly efficient LB C++ Framework 'waLBerla' from Erlangen is presented. The modular implementation with the Macro-Micro-Coupling tool, different interfaces and the generic base data structures make it flexible and usable for many applications. A standardized three-dimensional channel flow scenario is used to validate the coupling and evaluate the performance on the MAC cluster.

Fabio Gratl: Workflow automatization of verification and performance tests for SeisSol

The purpose of this Thesis is to explain the generation of scientific workflows with the Pegasus Workflow Management System. All workflows are applied to SeisSol, a software package for the numerical simulation of seismic wave phenomena, for verification and performance measurement. The Thesis also covers a small introduction into HTCondor Workload Manager, the major system Pegasus is used on. Furthermore It is shown how to develop, out of a simple module based workflow, several workflows covering different aspects like extensibility or scalability. At the end Pegasus' behaviour when handling large quantities, especially of small jobs, is discussed.