SC²S Colloquium - September 16, 2009

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Date: September 16
Room: 02.07.023
Time: 15 pm, s.t.

15:00 Uhr - Oana Taranu: Porting of a thermal network simulation program for railway motors to a new software platform (MA)

In order to verify the cooling concept of railway motors in the design phase at Siemens Industry Drive Technology, its temperature distribution is calculated by means of an equivalent thermal network simulation implemented in FORTRAN. Due to the code complexity, the adaption of the existing simulation program for other cooling concepts is complicated. Moreover, the actual program does not provide neither a graphical representation of the thermal network, nor a GUI for the results. Thus, porting the simulation to another software platform is required.

The main criteria of the new software are the solver robustness, the easiness of the modeling, the feature to generate a stand-alone application, the graphical user-interface, the extensibility, and the performances at low costs. To identify a suitable software tool for future applications, simulations in MATLAB Simulink and ITI SimulationX are compared.

15:30 Uhr - Daniel Butnaru: Parallelisation of a Multiscale CFD Solver within the Peano Framework (MA)

Modern computational fluid dynamics simulations are faced with an ever increasing need for computing power in fields such as computational steering or weather forecasts. In such important research areas, simulations are limited by the problem sizes which can be handled by single nodes due to their individual performance or memory available. This has made parallelization crucial for simulation codes.

The presentation will deal with a parallel implementation of a fluid solver in the Peano framework. Aspects related to domain partitioning, data dependencies, communication schemes, and framework specifics will be presented. The resulting parallelization is then evaluated in a series of speedup measurements and some PDE specific optimizations are suggested.