SCCS Colloquium - Nov 7, 2019

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Date: November 7, 2019
Room: 00.08.053
Time: 15:00 - 16:00

Ludwig Gärtner: Performance Analysis and Code Generation for the Force Calculation in Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Guided research submission talk. Ludwig is advised by Fabio Gratl.

This guided research paper walks the reader through a domain specific language was created to generate a force calculator for the N-body simulation library AutoPas. It explains how to use the AutoPasDSL, describes the code generation process, and compares the performance of the generated force calculator to a pre written one.

The concept of code generation is very useful in this case, to make AutoPas more accessible to non-computer scientists. On the other hand it requires some improvements regarding the automatic improvement of user given code to be competitive, performance wise.

Keywords: N-Body simulations, AutoPas, Domain Specific Language, Code Generation

Peter Wauligmann: Linear Equation Solvers on GPUs for FEM in Structural Mechanics

Master's thesis introduction talk. Peter is advised by Hayden Liu Weng, in collaboration with MTU AeroEngines.

We investigate possibilities to accelerate linear equation solvers with GPU architectures. Existing libraries for iterative and direct methods are reviewed and examined for applications in structural mechanics simulations. Finally, an existing direct solver is extended by a feature to dynamically offload basic linear algebra operations to the GPU.

Keywords: GPU, CUDA, Linear Algebra, Direct Solvers, Iterative Solvers