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Adaptive Mesh Refinement: Particle in 2D Channel

A bidirectional coupling of a spherical particle and the spatially adaptive Lattice Boltzmann solver in Peano is established. The grid is dynamically adapted to the new position of the particle.

Adaptive Mesh Refinement: Particle in 2D Nanopore

Due to oscillating boundary conditions applied at both ends of a nanopore, an inserted particle moves back and forth. Top: particle moves back and forth in a two-level BGK-based Lattice Boltzmann simulation (velocity field is shown). Bottom: instead of using the BGK collision model, a fluctuating MRT-based collision model is applied (density field is shown). This yields a different behaviour of the particle.

Adaptive Lattice Boltzmann-Molecular Dynamics: 3D Channel

A 3D four-level adaptive Lattice Boltzmann solver is coupled to Molecular Dynamics. The MD region is embedded in the very middle of the channel. After showing the velocity field and zooming to the MD region, the individual molecules and respective density fluctuations are visualised.

Lattice Boltzmann-Molecular Dynamics: Towards Nanofilter Simulation

A nanofilter-like geometrical setup is simulated by a hybrid Lattice Boltzmann-Molecular Dynamics simulation. The region close to the filtration membrane is resolved by MD whereas the rest of the computational domain is solved by Lattice Boltzmann.

Karman Vortex Street

2D2 scenario of the Benchmark paper by Schäfer and Turek (channel flow around a circular obstacle at Re=100). The grid consists of two levels, i.e. the region close to the obstacle is refined. For the simulation, the MRT collision model is used on both grid levels, the velocity field is visualised.

Shallow-Water-LB: Dam Break

Asymmetric dam break, computed by means of a MRT-based, three-level adaptive LB simulation. The profile of the water depth is visualised.

Of Foxes, Attackers,... and the Lattice Boltzmann Method

This is a short teaching video giving a brief introduction to LBM.