Introduction to Programming (winter 2001/2002)

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Prof. Dr. Chr. Zenger


Time and Place:

Monday 14:15-15:00, lecture room 2705A

Information about the C Block Tutorial

Contents: The lectures will cover a basic topics of programming. The programming examples will be done using Maple.

Topics include:

  • Expressions and variables
  • Functions and recursive programming
  • Basic data structures: sequences, lists, sets
  • Controll structures: if, while and for
  • Procedures
  • Example: Archimedes' approach to numerical quadrature
  • Example: Solving Linear Systems of Equations

The course will be followed by a block-tutorial "C" in the winter holidays.

Lecture Notes and other Course Material:

The work sheets used in the lectures and tutorials will be published on this site.


Tutor: to be announced

Time and Place: Monday, 15:15-16:00, lecture room 2705A

Programming with Maple


The final exam was on Tuesday, January, 29th. The results will be published soon.

To pass the course "Introduction to Programming", students will have to participate in the block-tutorial "C/C++" as well.