Introduction to Programming - Block Tutorial C/Cpp (winter 2001/2002)

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Prof. Dr. Chr. Zenger

Dr. M. Bader


Time and Place:

March, 4th - March, 8th,

Morning session: 9:30 - 12:30 in room 1221

Afternoon tutorial: 14:00 - 16:00 (Rechnerhalle)

Lecture Notes and Course Material

Slides Excercises
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Links to Online C Tutorials

Actually, there are dozens and dozens of C tutorials available on the WWW. This is only a small collection of them:

Please let me know, if you find other good tutorials.

Links to C++ Tutorials

Free C/C++ Compilers

  • djgpp, a DOS/Windows-port of the GCC compilers.
  • Dev-C++ for Windows/Linux (by BloodshedSoftware)
  • Borland-C/C++ for Windows (registration required)

Further Links


Based on the course "Introduction to Programming", the block tutorial will give an introduction to basic programming in "C". If time permits, it will also cover some basic topics of object oriented programming in "C++". The programming examples will be chosen to support the course "Parallel Programming" in summer 2002.

Main topics of the block tutorial will include:

  • From Maple to C - the differences
  • Expressions and variables
  • C's data structures
  • Controll structures: if, while and for
  • C-Functions
  • arrays and pointers
  • Example: matrix and vector computations in C
  • Basics of object-oriented programming: From C to C++

Recommended Literature

  • Kernighan & Ritchie: The C Programming Language ANSI C Version, Prentice Hall
  • Bruce Eckel: Thinking in C++, Prentice Hall, available as a free electronic book