Mathematicians during the Thrid Reich and World War II

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Prof. Thomas Huckle
Institut für Informatik
TU München

The Third Reich changed the world it inflected many people. A Lot of Science was done for the war, a lot of people worked for the war on both sides, but there were also people who tried to stand neutral and avoided their work would be spoiled for war reasons.
In the following it's a short summary on mathematicans, who fled, hid, died, were imprisoned or even worked for the war parties.


Berwald, Ludwig: Dismissed 1939 in Prague; Deportation by Gestapo to Lodz where he died in April 1942.

Blumenthal, Otto: dismissed 1939 from Aachen and - for a short while - kept in "protective custody". Editor of 'Mathematische Annalen' until 1938. In 1939 he went to Holland. When the Netherlands had fallen, he refused the help of Dutch friends and was deported to Theresienstadt where he died 1944.





Working in war related research