SCCS Colloquium - Aug 21, 2019

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Date: August 21, 2019
Room: 02.07.023
Time: 15:00 - 16:00

Dominik Volland: Coupling TherMoS with preCICE

This is a Master's thesis submission talk. Dominik is advised by Benjamin Rüth and Matthias Killian (TUM Chair of Astronautics).

The Thermal Moon Simulator (TherMoS) is a tool to compute transient thermal models for planning space missions on the Moon surface. It couples a thermal solver with a ray tracer running on GPUs to compute radiative heat fluxes. The coupling in TherMoS was originally done in a monolithic way. In this work, we present and discuss a new implementation which uses the preCICE library for coupling the components. The work is beneficial for both TherMoS and preCICE. While numerical experiments revealed that preCICE can not improve the performance of TherMoS, the tool could still be improved from a software engineering perspective by providing a clean partitioned interface in contrast to the previous monolithic coupling. Furthermore, preCICE gives access to implicit coupling schemes, which may be interesting to use in TherMoS in the future. For preCICE, the use in TherMoS is an interesting use case, as it was hitherto mainly used in the fields of FSI and CHT.

Keywords: Thermal modeling, Coupled problem, preCICE, GPU programming

Language: English

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